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What's the best way to spend 5 reamining days in Andalusia

We are arriving in Sevilla on May 3rd and have already rented an apartment for 4 nights to see Sevilla and have a day trip to Cordoba. But could not decided on the remaining 5 day before flying to Barcelona on May 12th (from Granada or Malaga).

We are planning to rent a car in Sevilla and drive to Granada. Is it better to spend two nights in Ronda and drive around and then three nights in Granada, or one day in Ronda and four - in Granada? And what about Malaga, I really want to go to Picasso museum, but could not decide if it will fit to our trip. Or may be just drive through Ronda and stay in Malaga?

Please help.

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I liked Ronda very much. Having the car gave me the opportunity to explore some of the surrounding pueblos blancos and I enjoyed the scenic driving very much. I think 2 full days in Granada is enough. If you leave Ronda early, you may have time to visit the museum on the way to Granada. I went through Antequera instead and liked it very much.

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I also enjoyed Antequerra... we stayed there a few nights and ended up going to a production of Carmen at the bull fighting arena. It was very enjoyable. I also had a great few nights in Malaga. I was with a lot of friends and we were ready to just do some shopping and hanging out, so we did not need a lot of 'tourist' attractions, but found the city a really comfortable place to visit. I also stayed in Arcos and spent some time in Jerez... I think two night in Granada were enough for me.

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I agree w two nights in Granada being ample. We used Malaga as a base to travel throughout the region. Did not go to the Picasso Museum in Malaga, but did the one in Barcelona.

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Two nights in Granada equals one full day. One full day is enough to see the Alhambra but no other sights. If that's all you're interested in, fine - but you should review guidebooks and choose the sights you are interested in seeing before limiting your stay to two nights.

Normally, two big sights in a day, one in the morning and one after lunch (plus maybe a night activity) are all you should plan for. Otherwise your vacation becomes a death march. The Alhambra is best considered equal to seeing two big sights.

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Let me preface this with we have not done it yet.

My sister and I are planning this for sept. it does seem to fit with your plans.

Seville-Zahara 55m 1H23m

Zahara-Ronda 22m 39min sleep 1 night Ronda

Ronda-Granada 107m 2H07m sleep 3 nights Granda

or Ronda-Malaga 57m 1H24m sleep 1 nite Malaga

Granada-Malaga 76m 1H26m sleep 1 night Malaga

or Malaga-Granada same milage hrs. sleep 3 nights Granada

Fly to Barcelona

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I'm glad Brad posted. It seems that my recommendation may have been misinterpreted. I said 2 full days in Granada. I was thinking of a late arrival, stay 3 nights, leave early on the 4th day.

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You will be in Seville for the Fair which begins May 6. I went to see it 10 years ago and highly recommend it. Rick Steve's Seville video has a segment devoted it. You can see videos of it on YouTube.