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Weather in Spain late August early September

I am planning a 2 week trip to Spain's major sights starting with Barcelona, Granda, Seville, and ending in Madrid for the last week in August and the first week in September. I know that July and August are really hot miserbale months to go, but does anybody know how hot the weather will be towards the end of August and beginning of September and if it is tolerable to do a lot of sightseeing? I haven't booked anything yet, but have the trip plan made up. When does the weather begin to get more comfortable in Spain?


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I find the weather in that part of Spain (Madrid) to be about the same as here in Georgia anytme of the year....It can be hot, or it can be pleasant....depending on what it decides to do. Basically, will be toward the warmer end of the thermometer though.

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If you go to RS Tours page and click on the Spain & Portugal option, then click on the Spain Tour, that will take you to that tours web page and on the bottom of that page is a heading of Weather. Click on that to get the average temperature for several places in Spain for the year. Yes, it will be hot for most folks.

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To beat the heat, it helps to start early each morning, make use of the afternoon siesta, and probably take cold showers three times per day. I'm sure you'll want hotels with AC.

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Start your trip north. Barcelona in August will be hot but nothing like Seville and Granada. Work south. First week of September can still be very hot but your chances improve as you get into September.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. To be on the safe side, I am going to change the dates of my trip from late august to mid september when hopefully the weather will a little more tolerable.