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Weather in early/mid March in Spain

Hi, We have an opportunity to visit Spain in early/mid march.
How is the weather in Barcelona/ Seville/ Granada in early March? Are their flowers or oranges blossoming.
Is it very rainy?

Thank you

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Swati, just check for weather averages for anywhere in the world. Enjoy your trip!

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Wikipedia sorted by city shows all the weather information for most larger cities. I often use it when planning trips.

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Of course, it can be helpful to look at historical weather patterns to give you a general guideline. But it won't tell you what the weather is going to be when you're there. Best practice is to be ready for anything - it might be mild and pleasant, it might be cold and rainy. Most likely, you'll get a mix. So be ready for all and don't be surprised if the weather when you're there is even actually a bit outside the historical extremes you see recorded.

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I was in Spain for the second week of March 2019. We had great weather, sunny, blue sky, and about 75 degrees every day for the entire week. We were in Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla. We saw many oranges in the trees. I think March is the perfect time to visit Spain.


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Seville/Granada will more likely have better weather than Barcelona at that time of year. No guarantees but usually it's delightful then. Yes to the flowers and oranges for sure. Barcelona can be warm or cold. I've been there three times in March, twice it was warm enough in the day for no jacket ( definitely needed one in the evening) but the other time it was freezing - they had just had snow - but that is extremely unusual. But if you are looking for warmth (and flowers and oranges) I'd go to Seville/Granada. It's not usually rainy in Andalusia in March, but one year I did have 5 days of rain in that area.

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Look at Choose a city and any month for the last 10 years to see actual daily conditions. Average data tell you nothing, especially for a month like March. Overall, Andalucia is the warmest, driest part of Europe.

I don't know what is usual, but 3 years ago I was in Andalucia in mid-March, the citrus trees were in full bloom. I don't remember citrus trees in Barcelona - they may have been there, just didn't notice.

Expect the temps to be mild - 50s and 60s during the day and lots of sunshine.

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I have been to southern Spain twice at that time of year for a week and the weather was mostly much colder and wetter than average, although we had one decent day each trip. Barcelona is much further north and therefore the weather is likely to be less reliable.

Oranges fruit twice a year, including February/March. The Huelva strawberries are also good from mid March.

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Andalucia can be very, very warm in March. Usually oranges are blossoming all year round especially in South of Spain. Just a side point, On the coast even when warmer, sea temperatures are chilly until May. Back to your question, you can notice Almond blossoming on trees all the way through winter in all of three of the cities you mention, which is stunning. In March it may be too soon for and too cold in Granada city, for oranges that time of year. Just a short trip down towards the coast but still classed as Granada, Lanjaron will most probably have many varieties of fruit trees, including oranges that time of year.

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Who knows? Historical averages are your best bet, but strange things can happen. Recently Storm Gloria passed through causing fatalities and damage in eastern Spain - here more than double the monthly average rainfall happened in one day and there was a foot of snow dumped in parts. Now, there's a Saharan dust cloud hanging around and air pollution plans have been activated!

Still, on average, you can expect Sevilla & Granada to be warm-ish in March - though cool after dark, especially Granada. Rain "should" be more likely hit and miss rather than incessant all-day drizzle. Unless it's a very warm February, orange blossom may still be around in March even in Seville.