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Walking into Seville Itinerary

Caveat: yes I know we should spend way more time in Sevilla, but this is what it is.

On Thursday May 19th my plan is to head for Seville and park in the morning at the Blas Infante parking lot on the west bank of the river.

Then walk east across the bridge to the Plaza de Espana, the Royal Alcazar, the Cathedral, and perhaps the Casa de Pilatos.

Then return in the later afternoon by walking (or taxi if exhausted/too hot/etc.) to the Blas Infante parking.

Does this sound like a pleasant journey or is it fraught with complications? Too ambitious?

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We were also stretched for time and wanted to spend more time but decided it was better to go even though we didn’t have much time rather than not go at all.

We did Plaza de Espana, the Royal Alcazar and the Cathedral (and didn’t do anything else). It was a hectic, but fun day and we’re glad we did it. We had 4 kids in tow, so the 3 things was our limit, but if you’re focused you might be able to fit in a 4th thing.


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The parking lot is about 1.3 miles from both the Plaza de España and the cathedral/Alcázar and is mostly flat. I assume you chose that spot since it’s away from the historic center, probably easier to access, and most importantly, appears to be free. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, etc., so should be an easy walk and no complications. The Plaza de España is only a 10 minutes or so walk from the cathedral/Alcázar. In late May it could already be hot, so carry water with you (and not just in Sevilla).

As a side note, Córdoba broke an all time high temperature record for April on April 27. Sevilla was supposed to reach 94F degrees today.

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the Royal Alcazar, the Cathedral

You can buy timed entry tickets for these which will eliminate time spent in queues. We found an hour was enough for the cathedral and we spent around two hours in the Alcazar on a rainy day so we skipped most of the gardens.

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To complete this thread, we were in Cadiz and enjoying it so much, that we skipped Seville entirely and do not feel the worse for it.

Cadiz is much easier to negotiate and has a lot of history to explore.