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Vueling - any tips for me that may be helpful?

I know this is probably a shot in the dark...
It looks as like when I entered the dates to finally purchase our airline travel from Malaga to Barcelona, google Chrome may have inserted previous dates and I did not notice. So, I booked. When I was going over all the details in my itinerary afterward, I noticed the wrong date. I've put a message into Vueling about this but the only option I believe they offer is a high fee to change dates, plus difference in airfare. This comes to nearly the same price I booked originally, x 5 persons. I've tried to contact them but cannot get through.
Thank you.

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What was the result of the message to Vueling?

Does your credit card provider offer any chance of relief?

You might be screwed.

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I flew Vueling when I was in Spain earlier this month and it was top notch. I communicated with them a couple times prior with my flight and they were very helpful. I had a couple questions before our flight so I called them and was very satisfied with the service I received.

I would suggest calling them.

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Are you sure the dates are actually incorrect and it's not a case of your not understanding the format?

If you'd input the dates by clicking a calendar for July 8, 2014, you'd expect the output box to look like 7-8-14 but, using the European format, it would have shown 8-7-14.

It's mmddyy vs ddmmyy.

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Vueling also oftens has sales so if you have to eat the change fee at least you night be able to
Get similar fares to the ones you currently have. You might also try to reach out to their customer service. Vueling is owned by Iberia. You might want to post your dilemma on flyertalk forum for Iberia and maybe someone will have a suggestion for you.

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Ed, the dates are only 3 days difference. Google, as you probably know, stores previous information. This could be more of a Chome issue, followed up by me not rechecking I had inserted the correct date one last time. I truly believe I had because I kept noticing a different date as I was comparing prices. Anyway, I followed up with your idea and reached out to American Express who is also reaching out to them on my behalf. I still want to fly with Vueling but the change fees add up to more than the original tickets. They did respond to my email with a general response indicating looking into the problem. I intend to be fair about this and I am confident this will get resolved. Lesson LEARNED. ;)
Thanks all.

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I wish you success but don't encourage you to count on it. When I got booked an EasyJet ticket for 50 euros (in a fit of "efficiency") and then had to change plans, it was exactly the same price to book a new ticket as the exchange fee, again about 50 euros each.