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visting Malaga and Mallorca late Feb/early March looking for accomedation with a kitchen

We are an older couple who plan on visiting Malaga and Mallorca late Feb/early March. We will be arriving at AMS on the morning on Feb 23th and fly home from AMS on March 14th. As this won't be a long trip so we had thought of using Malaga as a base for day trips and also visting Mallocra. On a previous trips we spent time in Morocco, Portugal, Barcelona, Quenca, Madrid, Seville and Granda but missed Cordoba. Thinking of renting a car for the Mallorca portion of the trip.
My original plan was to start in Malaga and end in Mallorca but I have just found out that there is a major car rally March 9th - 12th on Mallorca which we would want to avoid.
So we are looking for reasonably priced places with a small kitchen (fridge/kettle/cooktop or microwave) in both Malaga and Mallorca.
Our interests are history, archeology, nature, gardens, architecture, walking or light hiking (no major irregular vertical paths), bike tours, food. The plan is to take only carry on luggage and buy folding walking sticks there if needed. We are also hoping to find some of the 'Deli Cata' chocolate made with olive oil we bought on our last visit to Spain.
I have two dietary restrictions (gulten intolerant, and lactose) that I have to work around. We will have lactose pills with us. What I will be looking for is hard cheeses, dried appricots and raw almonds/pistachios to use in place of bread. How is the food shopping?
I have seen postings by some members who live or have spent time in these two locations, so I am hoping to hear from them. Thank you in advance!

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