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Visiting Sagrada Familia in afternoon....

Hi all:

We will be only briefly in Barcelona before our cruise on a Friday in early June (wanted more time, but flights didn't work out...).

We arrive from Munich at 11:45am (if all goes well!) (already time adjusted - we get there on Monday). I would prefer to grab lunch and then see the Sagrada Familia (and a tower climb) around 3:30 or 4... How are the crowds in later afternoon? We would book tickets in advance of course.

My other option would be to go first thing Saturday morning before boarding, but I was thinking we would just stroll around at La Boqueria and get some breakfast and then head down to the port. I'm not sure I want to deal with seeing the church that morning, unless it's a much better option...

Advice? Thanks!!

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Unless there is a change i thought it was only open til 6 p.m. We have a hard time spending less than three hours on every visit. Does the cruise depart around 5 pm? Recommend morning visit.

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Check the official website to get the correct information on the times. I would suggest a morning visit if possible. There are a couple of restaurants across the street. Not sure of their operating times though. Be sure to get the tickets on line and avoid standing in a long long. line. Go directly to the front of the line. You will see two entrances there. You will take the shorter one, on the right side as I recall. Well worth seeing...Then a taxi back to the port.

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We are just boarding the ship that morning, so we will need to go back to hotel and gather the stuff and then go.

It's open later in the summer I think - but either way, I can't see us spending more than 2 hours there (even that is pushing it) - since we will have the kids. I can't imagine them wanting to walk around and look at things for longer than 2 hours.

We were trying to do the "Friends" membership (but apparently only locals can do it now) - and the Sagrada lady on the email said it isn't usually too crowded in the late afternoon... but I'm not sure if I should believe her. :)

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    Last fall we arrived at our hotel at 630 am after getting off an overnight from New York. Much too early for check-in , my wife and I just started strolling. We spotted the spires of the Familia so headed in that direction. Quite a hectic hike in downtown Barcelona during the morning rush hour. Think we arrived at about 9am. The line was about 20 minutes. We spent about 2 and a half hours at the cathedral. Exiting we were grateful for our luck of kinda stumbling over there and arriving early. The line was unbelievable..had to be a 2 hour wait. Subway stop is right there and even as jet lag dumb as we were, figured out the route back to Las Ramblas for a shower and a nap. That online ticket sounds like a great way to avoid the line. The cathedral was much more enjoyable early before the big crowds later in the morning. It was nice having our one must do, done and just relaxing the next morning with our cruise ship insight. Mike......."The International Cool Hotel'...very nice medium priced, big room,friendly staff

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We visited Sagrada Famila last Monday at 3PM. We had online reservations, arrived early and were admitted immediately. It was not crowded at 3. We had an English speaking guide which made the visit well worth it.