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Visiting Barcelona and then Palma De Mallorca-Customs Question

My husband and I, US citizens, will be flying from the US into Barcelona this September. We have round trip, direct tickets. We decided that a couple of days into the trip, we want to fly into Palma De Mallorca and stay for three nights, then return to Barcelona to conclude the trip. I am unsure of what the customs and immigration experience will be regarding the Mallorca portion. Could anyone help me understand/clarify if we will be clearing customs again when entering/leaving Palma De Mallorca for Barcelona?

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You will not go through Customs or Immigration, Mallorca is a region of Spain, same as Barcelona, it is just a domestic flight. You will need to show your passport to check-in or board/at security.

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Thank you, I assumed this much, but wanted to be certain.

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KCM- We just did the same trip in March. We flew into BCN for a number of days then flew to Palma PMI for 4 days and back to Barcelona. At that time we had to show our Spain Health pass to board Air Europa but much of those restrictions are lifted.
We are actually heading back next week!! and doing the same trip. We in Barcelona for a few days and 4 days in Mallorca then back to Barcelona. It is an easy trip and my only suggestion is to pack light if you can. This time I will only bring a carry-on. Not sure what airline you plan to take, but keep your eyes on strikes for certain airlines.