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Vaughn town

Have heard that the six-day Vaughn Town program in various parts of Spain is a good way to connect with
Spaniards who want to practice their English. Any folks on the forum have experience with such a program?

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If you use the search facility here you will find several discussions over the years about the Vaughn Town. I think it has been a year or two since most of the discussions - most participants were happy as I remember.

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Nigel: I noticed that. I was hoping for more recent postings on the topic.

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I did Vaughan Town 18 months ago and am doing it again in February. It was great fun and an excellent (and cheap) way to meet Spanairds and learn about their culture. As I live in Portugal, it’s an easy trip and I have a number of friends here who go fairly regularly. I have no hesitation recommending it.