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Vaccinated but traveling with children

Does anyone have information about what the entry protocols will be for for children — once Spain is opened to vaccinated adults? Our kids are ages 2, 6, and 8 years — so they are too young to be vaccinated yet. I assume we would need to quarantine upon arrival? What about the Covid tested flights, if children show negative results? Please kindly response not with comments like “leave your kids at home, or don’t come.”) That is not a possibility. Thanks for input.

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In addition, children who have not been able to receive a vaccine should be able to travel with their parents as long as they present a negative test, although further testing may be required on arrival.


The only hint I could find online, more detailed information should be forthcoming soon.

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I'm of the mindset that discussion about travel/entry protocols prior to them being formally announced is pure speculation, and sews greater confusion.

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I think Scudder is right. Until the Spanish government decides what measures it is going to require for entry, there is no point in our speculating (unless someone lurking on the Forum is the Prime Minister’s special assistant with some inside knowledge!).

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On a good note, daily COVID numbers in Spain are slowly coming down and vaccination rates are increasing. Fingers are crossed it will open. There’s an article is today’s El Pais on: State of alarm: Which coronavirus restrictions will be maintained in each Spanish region?

It gives a feel for what the different regions are thinking. No surprise, each region is different, so what is open in one, may not be open in another. Everything is very fluid.

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There may be different requirements if you are making the journey from your home in Italy or if you are going from California. Best, as said above, to check just before travel.

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It’s all new territory for everyone. We have no equivalent precedent because last summer after the lockdowns when cases declined, there were no vaccines and tests were in short supply.

However, as someone with the right to enter both US and Europe, I can tell you that usually the details come dribbling out slowly after the large announcement is made. Once the date is announced, we’ll know the procedures a few days later, and even then they can be tweaked a few times —as we found out last year.

I wouldn’t automatically assume you have to quarantine.
We don’t know if vaccinated adults will need to test.

I do know that my six-year old great-nephew who lives on (Spanish) Tenerife in the Canaries, within the EU, has to take a PCR each time he flies to France via Madrid and same for the return.

And that is the extent of my knowledge right now. I’m waiting on some details, too, but for France.

Édit: France24 has just written that the EU will use a system similar to the one in Great Britain, where countries are coded green, orange, or red. Entry requirements will depend on how your country is coded, which will depend on the variants circulating and number of cases in your country of origin.

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Most likely, your traveling with your kids will make no difference in whether you guys get into Spain. Your kids will automatically get into Spain if you get into Spain.

There wouldn't be any quarantining because if they try making you quarantine yourselves, your trip is ruined and you have to return home and call your trip cancelation insurance - make sure you get good trip insurance. You can't leave home if there is any chance they will make you quarantine yourselves. Ask your trip insurance provider what the protocol is if you get rejected from entering Spain and/or if they try making you do a trip-ruining quarantine.

Edit: you might have to have evidence your kids legally belong with you. They might have to have passports. Search for information about "traveling with kids" and look for official government websites like from the US state department.

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They might have to have passports.

In case anyone reading along had any doubt, allow me to confirm that kids -- even infants -- need passports. :)