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using ATM's in spain-PIN codes

I would like to confirm that ATM's in Spain accept a 4-digit PIN code.Can anyone confirm this?

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1178 posts for me on each trip there...No problem. Just be sure you are using a bank that is in "your system" or whatever to avoid excessive charges. And, ask for the amount to be in euros and not will come out ahead on the conversion rate.

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Also, notify your bank in advance of your trip so the card will be honored. Some banks have a daily limit on the amount of cash/euro get some each day to have if you need. Have not run into a limit amount on a purchase via the card, however.

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Karyn, I have ATM cards from two different Canadian banks so each has a PIN. I have been using them at ATMs all over Europe for years now.

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My pin worked in Spain last year and in Paris and Switzerland last month. Same pin I use at home. No worries it will work.

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Just a side comment, and you may be well aware of this, but ensure your bank knows you'll be traveling to Spain and making ATM withdrawals. Call them before you leave, so they won't think you card has been stolen and is being used by someone else.

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Is there something else behind the question? Four digit PIN codes are very common so not sure why the question.