Updated itinerary Oct 8-18 - 3 questions.....

Thanks for your wonderful help on the earlier itinerary! We have made some key adjustments and I have just a few more questions for you gurus, with thanks in advance to you.

1 - what is the best base for 2 nights in Ribera del Duero wine region - Penafael? Penaranda? Aranda? Valladolid? Other spot??

2 - what would be the most scenic drive from Caceres to Nerja??

3 - where would the easiest car pickup be to leave Madrid heading to Ribera del Duero?

The revised plan is:
Madrid airport hotel (Tach) Oct 8
Toledo by train for Oct 9 and 10
Back to Madrid by train for Oct 11 and 12
Car from Oct 13 on - see question 3 re where best to pick up car?
Somewhere in Ribera del Duero Oct 13 and 14 - question 1 re best base?
Salamanca Oct 15 and 16
Caceres Oct 17 and 18 - question 2 re best route from Caceres to Nerja? - knowing we will come back to spend time in Seville on another trip.....
Nerja Oct 19 to 24th, then fly home to Vancouver from Malaga (basing in Nerja apartment with a sea view a few steps east of Balcon de Europa, since we love the atmosphere of the old town there, but driving to Alpajuras and Cabo del Gato while we are there)....

Really will appreciate your help!

Cheers to all,

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Best? what is best for you maybe not quite so good for another.
Picking a car up outside of the city of Madrid saves bothering with driving in heavy traffic. But it will mean you need to get to a location using public transport.
Best base in Ribera del Duero? depends on what you are after. Maybe the historical city of Aranda De Duero.
Best route from Caceres to Nerja? On the Autovia it will take you all day so maybe take that one. This leaves little for sightseeing.
Overall I feel you will get to know your car very well. There are a lot of one night stops and some long drives , including when you are in Nerja.
You have not been to Nerja for many years you maybe in for a shock.
Note 12 de October 2014 is the Fiesta Nacional EspaƱola. That day and the weekend before will be very busy as it will form a national holiday in Spain.

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  1. I think Valladolid is a great base, it's a beutiful city in its own right and convenient to the area. Penafiel is smaller and has a nice castle (admission includes the wine museum as well) if you prefer something smaller. I haven't been to the other places you mention.

  2. Unless you really want to see something else, through Merida, Seville, Jerez, Tarifa (add Cadiz and/or Tangiers if you like), Gibraltar, then Nerja would include a lot of nice places to visit.

  3. Find a place close to your lodging and pick it up the morning you leave Madrid. When I shop for rental cars, one of the factors is how convenient the pick up will be? Different companies offer different locations, often costs are very similar, so shop for a location that works well for you.

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www.viamichelin.com suggests that the N-432 from Caceres to Cordoba is the more scenic choice en-route to Nerja. Google Maps shows road construction on the E-5/A-4 northeast of Cordoba, so that approach is less attractive.