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Upcoming Long Travel in Spain + Health insurance

Hello, hope you are doing well and thanks for reading this !

I have planned to be in Spain over the summer, for a period of a bit more than 3 months (potentially even more). Now, this is basically following my leaving my current work, after which i wanted to take some time off before looking into getting a new one. Thus, I decided to spend a considerable amount of time in Spain, which is one of my favorite places that i'd like to visit.

Now, upon leaving my job soon, I will temporarily not be having health insurance (I am an expat and I am also living that country). Regardless of corona, but even more so, I wanted to get health insurance that will cover me for the time I will be in Spain (with europe-wide cover as well).

Are there any good suggestions that would be a good fit for this in Spain ? Or maybe even a big international brand that would be a good idea to get a plan with ? (I also want to make sure that I can cancel it any time, since after starting my new work, I will be getting an employer based insurance anyway).

Thanks !

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I think the first questions have to be

-in what country are you currently living?

what country are you a citizen?

since you plan to stay for more than 90 days, are you aware of the
Schengen limits on stays by non member visitors?

are you aware of Spain's entry restrictions for tourists this summer?

I can think of any number of travel insurance companies, but knowing
your country of residence would be helpful.

For sure, thank you. I should have mentioned those. I am a european citizen, living in Germany at the moment, but moving out of the country at the end of the month. Will be looking to eventually move to Switzerland over the winter, once my vacation in Spain is over. I was aware of the 90 day rule, but i have a european passport, so it doesn't apply to me. I am aware of the restrictions, but I am reading that Spain is opening up for tourists in July. I think I should be able to visit, I hope so at least :)

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?? EU insurance is not employer-based, according to my information. Is this something special ?

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Hi Laura, I believe my current insurance will pretty much not be usable once i leave my current employer (which will happen in a few days since i resigned my current position). It's paid by me and the employer and so I don't think it applies anymore. Not sure if it's possible to just keep it going by continuing payments for the full amount, I will actually check with them. Need to make sure that it covers me internationally though (it's Allianz).

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Sounds like contacting an insurance agent is the way to go -- you are probably eligible for public insurance that is valid all over the EU but might prefer to get private insurance in addition. Have a great trip!!

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I am based in the U.K. and have an annual travel insurance policy that covers me in Europe for both health and cancellations. It’s more expensive for global travel cover. I have never worked anywhere that has offered health cover outside the U.K. It’s cheaper to buy an annual policy than two x two week trips. It will probably cost more to cancel than just let it run.

Presumably you are entitled to an EHIC card? This will entitle you to the same medical cover as the locals in whichever country you visit.

As to which policy and which provider - this will vary depending on your age, your health, preexisting medical conditions, level of cover required, the amount of excess you are prepared to cover and what activities you will be undertaking - eg my policy doesn’t cover “dangerous sports“ which includes skiing, canoeing/kayaking, banana boat rides or wind surfing.

Preexisting medical conditions will significantly reduce the number of providers. I have slightly raised blood pressure and take daily medication to control it, thereby reducing my risk of heart attacks and strokes, but it has reduced the insurance options available. Ironically, if I wasn’t on this medication (and therefore at higher risk of illness or death) my insurance costs would be lower. At present in the U.K., no insurers are offering travel insurance other than renewals due to Covid, so your choice may be reduced if the rest of Europe has done the same thing.

What has fit for one poster may not fit for you or may no longer be available, so sorry, but it’s time to get Googling and try different insurers and brokers to see which best fits YOUR circumstances, not ours.

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I feel like a bit of more information might be needed. "Now, upon leaving my job soon, I will temporarily not be having health insurance" confuses me, as a European citizen living in Europe that is not how works.

Why not just order an EHIC-card? You mention that you are Greek, so this should be the only website you need: (unless you have German health insurance, in that case it is )