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Unsecured websites - hotel reservations in Madrid

I have found that several hotels listed in the 2014 Rick Steves' Spain travel guide do not have secured (encrypted) websites for reservations. One of them actually wanted me to send my credit card information (name, number, security code, expiration) over an email, which is always a no-no. The websites sometimes announce special discounts that can be accessed only when the reservation is made online.

Have any of you found this problem regularly? I think Steves' books should indicate this is an issue, and maybe the hotels will help by making their reservation sites secured.

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How long will you be there? If 3 nights + then suggest you consider renting an apt.

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Check out is an excellent source of information re almost anything in Madrid, and most of Spain for that matter.

If I have to send CC information, I do it in more than one email, just a few numbers and not the complete set.../may not be safe, but safer than just one email I think...and advise the hotel of this fact.