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Trip planning suggestions for Spain in July 2014

Hi! I am planning a trip to Spain in July 2014 for 18 nights. First time traveling alone! Excited but nervous. I'm planning to arrive to Madrid and the other city I really want to visit is Barcelona. Any trip planning suggestions and/or itinerary? I'm looking for suggestions on how to plan my days. Interested in sightseeing, museums, wine and food among others.

Thank you!

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Spain's a big country. Nobody can tell y ou how to see it in a couple of weeks. We need some clues to work with.

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I have plenty of suggestions. I've traveled to Spain every year (sometimes twice a year) since 2000. Let's get started. Have you booked your flight already? If so, what are the dates? This will determine the how and where of what to do while you're there - plus Madrid & possibly Barcelona. Look forward to your reply.

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As enticing as Andalusia may be, you should probably avoid it in the extreme heat of July, staying in the northern areas.

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A rough outline could be:

Four nights in madrid including a day trip to Toledo

Catch the AVE train to Seville for a four night stay. Your option on stopping in Cordoba along the way.

Train or bus to Granada for a three night stay. Carefully research alhambra ticket purchase.

Fly from granada to Barcelona for a six night stay including opportunities to day trip to Montserrat or other locals.


This is broad brushed to form a framework for discussion.
It is very hot in july so i advocate slowing down and accounting for some lost energy due to the heat. Stay hydrated! Also take advantage of adopting to Spanish life by staying up late with them. Cooler and more fun.
For a better value we stay in apts, examine airbnb to learn the benefits of doing so. You will be on the road a long time so having the room to spread out, have a kitchen and maybe a washer could be of added benefit. You could also choose to rent private rooms to save money and meet locals (very beneficial to learning local tips on places to go)
Pack light, really light! It is a real drag to haul around luggage, especially alone. Have fun and purchase clothes while on your trip. This makes for great fun and better souvenirs.

To obtain some great help from experienced travelers will you please address the following questions?
How many times have you been to Europe?
Your preferred style of travel (at a gallop, slow and leisurely, activities, museum lover, foodie????)
Define your concerns about traveling alone.
A range of your age
What is the primary impetus/goal for selecting spain?
What has been your best memory from a prior journey?

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Not knowing your specific journey, I will suggest from Madrid an overnight stay in Toledo...the city is completely different when the day visitors leave. Two days and one night for sure. Take the AVE train from Atocha. Also, Segovia. A full day there. Salamanca will be a short train ride from the Charmartin Station One full day or more if you have the time. If you get the opportunity to visit PRado, the palace of Franco it is worth the time. A local Madrid sight off the usual tourist track. In many ways it attempts to outdo Versailles! Of course, the Prado, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor in Madrid proper.

Barcelona...there are so many possibilities, both within and without the city. The beaches are great, some within walking distance and some via train.

As with one of the other posters I have visited Spain many times and want to return again.. I participate in the vaughantown English immersion program...check it out for a fantastic opportunity to meet the real Spanish people!!

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I will be doing Spain in July too! Probably solo but not sure yet. Anyway, my likely route is:

Bilbao - San Sebastian - Pamplona (in time for the bull run) - Zaragoza - Madrid (in time for the world cup final) - Seville - Granada - Cartegena - Valencia - Barcelona. Probably around 3 weeks in total but we'll see.

Message me - it would be great to talk more with you about it. I've done some travelling before and most of it solo or with one another, but never been to mainland Spain.

Let me know if you wanna chat!



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(I should probably mention I'm from the UK, and 23. I say this as I can see you're from the US so you might want a European perspective on things - or you might just want to know more about the European way if you've never been this way before!)