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Traveling to Spain in July

Hi all,

I bought a ticket from Miami to Madrid with a plane change in Lisbon for July with the hopes that Spain will actually be open for Americans like they said. My question is this, since I have a plane change in Lisbon, would Americans also need approval to enter portugal? Or since my final destination is Spain would I only need Spain to allow Americans? I emailed the Spain tourism board and they didn’t know. Worse case I’ll call someone official but thought I’d check in here.


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Generally if you just change planes you can stay behind security and immigration and do that at your final stop.

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Frank - That is not the case in this scenario. Arriving in a Schengen country and transferring to another flight within the Zone, one would go through immigration at the port of the first arrival.

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Since you want to know about Portugal, contact it rather than the Spanish tourism board. Normally you’d pass through immigration in Lisbon then on to Madrid. Who knows how many times things will change between now and then and if Spain will even be open. As someone stated, sign up for STEP through the state department website. You can also get the supposed current status of any country on its website.

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Thanks for the helpful responses, I appreciate it. I know anything could change from now until then, hopefully for the better. In retrospect I probably should have bought a direct flight but wasn’t even thinking about the connection part.