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Traveling from Granada to Barcelona

I'm planing my Spain vacation for 2021 and I am wondering what is the best way to get to Barcelona from Granada. I prefer to use the train. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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I'd opt for flying, but now that the AVE high speed train line to Granada has been competed, flying will only save you about 2 hours. So if you prefer by train, then go by the AVE (or lower cost AVLO). But a disclaimer, other than at the very beginning and end, the scenery from the train on this particular route is unremarkable.

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So far, I believe the AVLO service is still limited to running Barcelona-Zaragoza-Madrid. But choosing the preferred train departure from among the options offered should be pretty simple when your travel date gets closer (about two months out).

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If you are simply traveling from point G to point B then a flight is the optimal use of your time.

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I understand about taking the train, but we took that flight and it was cheap and fast. It was worth it.

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We took a flight from Granada to Barcelona on Vueling last June. It was a 1 hour flight without incident. And the flight was very inexpensive too.

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I love taking the train and would probably do so from Madrid. However, my family flew cheap from Barcelona to Granada and it was fast and relatively painless. So I would fly.