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Travel to Spain in 2021??

We have had a tour to Spain postponed until next year, 2021. The news reports are now saying we may still be recovering from the coronavirus 18 months from now (March, 2020). Should we book for a trip to Spain in early summer, 2021??

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If you plan such a trip, it will be 15 months from now (If going in June). A vaccine may not be available.

If you plan a tour, consider purchasing cancel for any reason trip insurance that would all you to cancel if you can't make the trip.

If you can wait a few months to book the trip, I recommend that you do so, since we will know more by June 2020 just how much the virus has subsided.

If you book a trip and can use miles, do so, since if you cancel, you can get your miles back.

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Why not? Your likely a little early for airfares so you can do your research now and be prepared when your able to start booking.

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You need to recognize that there is no answer. While this is kind of a cliche -- we are in unchartered territory. If you think this will all be over in three months you are more optimistic than most. Whether it is a problem 18 months from now (Aug 2021) is anyone guess. Six months from now we probably will have a much better idea. If it is absolutely critical for you then I would not rebook until 2022. No one has a crystal ball.

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Yes but spend more on everything to make sure your entire trip is 100% refundable up to 18 months in cases like pandemics or if you change your mind.

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You will not be able to get travel insurance that includes coverage for coronavirus. Cancel for any reason insurance covers 50-75% of your costs. I desperately want to travel in 2021 but I won’t book until I see this pandemic resolving. I can’t guess when it will end and nobody can so why plan another vacation? We are in the midst of canceling four trips and it’s hell. I don’t want to go through this again.

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The joy and ease of RS guidebooks is that there is so much information for people to travel easily on their own, independent of any organized tour. My husband and I go to Europe on our own every 6 months. We use frequent flyer miles for our airline seats, which can be reinstated back into our accounts at no cost (I purchase the $26 insurance which covers any reinstatement fees when I purchase the ticket). I only reserve hotels where we can cancel up to 48 hours before check-in, and I pay for the room upon check-out. We take public transportation, so no worry about rental cars. We have not been locked into paying upfront for any European vacation for the last 13 years. We have reservations to travel to Portugal this July, and if we have no cancel, we won't be out a dime. More people should consider this type of travel, as it offers independence, and is typically much less costly than going with a set tour. Though it does require research, as many posters have commented, planning is sometimes half the fun of the trip!

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.... still thinking you'll be able to travel? 😒 Wait till it breaks loose in the US and then we'll see whether you can go to the next county, much less the next state. At present, it is a bit unwise to make plans for travelling any time soon (holidaying that is). Something else, of course, is whether you wanna have a fun planning time for "just in case" you can travel, but I wouldn't commit anything just yet. 😉