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Travel to Segovia by train or take guided tour. Need help pls

I am planning a day trip to Segovia from Madrid, which will be a better way / time saving way to get to Segovia? taking train there or
sign up an local tour ?

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I can't speak personally to taking a local tour but we talked to several people who took them. The tour they took went to both Segovia and Avila. They said they enjoyed the tour but it was a bit hectic. We took the train from Madrid to Segovia and wandered around the town ourselves. It is pretty easy trip and also easy to find what you want (or at least what we wanted to see) in Segovia. We had a great time (if it isn't on your Segovia list and you have time, consider their city museum.) One thing, the train station where we arrived from Madrid was far enough away from the sights that we took a taxi (got dropped off by the aqueduct.) When returning, we we also took a cab and there is more than one train station in Segovia....even though we showed the driver the tickets, the cab took us to the wrong station and we had to re-route.

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There are three main sites in Segovia, and lots of smaller ones...The aqueduct , the cathedral, and the alcazar. I would suggest taking a cab to the alcazar will drive by the aqueduct most likely, and tour the alcazar first. As you approach the building entrance, there is a large white building on the left. The ticket office is located in it. The alcazar is a self guided tour, but guides are available as well I believe. It is well worth a long visit. Look down the back side and see one of the Knights Templar churches.
From there, it is a long hike back up the hill side to the cathedral. Impressive and historical for sure. Again, self guided I recall.
Then continue down the other side of the hill (mountain) to the aqueduct. You will get your walking in, but there are many places to stop and other things to see and encounter as well. Remember, this is the city where Isabella learned she would be queen. The actual site is now gone, but the church is reconstructed down a block or two. She was actually crowned in the cathedral I believe.

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We had an apartment in Madrid for a week this past November, but wanted to see both El Escorial and Segovia. By public transportation, we couldn't do it as a single daytrip, so we used trains to go to El Escorial, then on to Segovia. Returning late the next afternoon, we took a bus back to Madrid. So bus is another option, if you don't sign on for a tour. It was really windy in Segovia in Nov.

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I suggest doing it on your own, as Segovia is a very manageable town for tourists. Begin at the aquaduct (if you travel to Segovia by train there is a local bus that drops you right there) and work your way through town to the Cathedral , right off the Plaza Mayor, and then on to the alcazar at the far end of the old town. Very easy; very enjoyable.

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I just did this one week ago for the first time. I chose to take the train and had a great experience. But, I did my research first.

We took the blue Metro line 1 to Chamartin station. There, we took the AVE train to Segovia for 10,50€. It takes less than 30 minutes and spends a fair amount of that time in three tunnels. When we arrived at Segovia Guiomar station (in the middle of a cow pasture) there were two Segovia city busses waiting for us. We took route 11 for 1,03€ each. Route 11 takes about 20 minutes to reach the aqueduct which is the end of the line. We crossed the street and headed toward the aqueduct (can't miss it). We noted that the route 11 stop for the return to the station is on this opposite side of the street from where we were dropped off. Times are posted and we noted which one would get us back to the train station in time for the return train.

In the shadow of the aqueduct is a sign with the map of the city with sights and several walking routes marked. We noted the blue walking route would lead us from our current location at the aqueduct to Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, and Alcazar. If you need more info, walk under the aqueduct and you will see an info office on your right. The walk was slightly uphill, but not steep. It took us past lots of cute shops and restaurants. Once at Plaza Mayor, we toured the inside of the Cathedral (3 € each). Then, we continued the walk now downhill toward the Alcazar. The ticket office is to the left. The entrance fee is 5 € or 7 € if you wish to climb the tower (torre). You can add a tour guide to your entrance fee for 1 € more. After our visit, we walked back to Plaza Mayor, but then veered left so that we saw a few more sites and shops. We ended up at the top of the aqueduct with a nice view. We walked down the stairs to the plaza and back to the bus 11 return stop.

Segovia city bus -
Alcazar de Segovia -

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Hello there.

Thanks very much for your help in getting to Segovia. really appreciated it.

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We drove so I don't know for sure but consider a bus. It's significantly cheaper and most likely not much time difference for that trip.