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Travel Seville to Barcelona

Need to get to Barcelona from Seville. Lots of train options but I see Vueling Airlines is cheaper and obviously faster. Anyone have experience with this airline?

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They’re fine— a subsidiary of BA and Iberia’s parent company.

Just be careful with luggage size/weight, and pre-buy what you need.

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Vueling is a low cost airline, so the price you see might not be the price you pay if you want to add on things like a checked in bag. And when comparing cost, remember to include the cost of travelling to and from the airports. And while flying is faster, it won't save a lot of time. Especially when you consider that the time on the train can be used for other things, unlike flying where a lot of the time is spent waiting.

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Vueling is a big semi low-cost airline in Spain and totally reliable. The name plays with Vuelo (I fly) and the Englishization of the word, "Vueling" is really "flying".

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My husband and I have flown Vueling several times, the last time in January of this year. Vueling's cabin crew was striking but they managed to put us on an earlier flight the same day. Others weren't so lucky and were rescheduled on other days. But, I think it's not so different from other airlines experiencing strikes. It is a no-frills airline that did the job--it got us from Point A to Point B with no problems. We've flown from Granada to Paris with a connecting flight in Barcelona; from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Granada [three separate trips]. Their choices and fares are quite transparent.

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Two weeks ago I flew Vueling from Barcelona to Granada. Waited over an hour to check a bag because it was cheaper than paying for overhead space. Rushed through security to find no gate was assigned. Finally found an agent that said it must be delayed and they would eventually assign a gate. They did a hour later. When they did, they boarded us 1 hour 50 minutes late. I swear they boarded us late to avoid the 2 hour EU rule that would make them provide us food and drink. Then we sat at the gate for another hour. We arrived just shy of the 3 hour delay that would have triggered compensation.
Yesterday I flew Seville to London on them. Similar results. We boarded just shy of the 2 hour late rule but this time we sat at the gate for 1.5 hours. We arrived in London 3.25 hours late. I will file a compensation claim but have little hope. What really burnt was the Vueling app didn’t update even though it said it is updated every ten minutes. They sent me an email an hour after landing saying the flight was delayed. No communication about delays at all. Never Vueling again.