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travel insurance and the corono virus

Planning a trip in April and wondering if travel insurance is a good idea considering the possibility of quarantined travelers-as in getting stuck in Spain for a longer period of time than planned...would it cover additional hotel and food if the airlines won't fly us home?

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It will only cover IF that is a covered expense. You need to read the fine print - several times. Travel insurance is not generic. As the risk that are covered, the price goes up accordingly. You cannot assume that certain cover is available unless it is written. So read well and ask lots of questions and if it is important make sure it is written. Verbal means nothing.

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The coronavirus is a known peril, so I don't think you'll find coverage for it under any regular policy bought today. Some policies allow purchase of an extra-cost cancel-for-any-reason rider. The extra cost is substantial, and I think you get back only 50% or 75% of your expenses. (75% coverage costs even more.) But that comes under "cancellation", not "problems while you're there". I am doubtful that you're going to find a company willing to sell you a new policy with the coverage you're thinking of.

Two places to look are and

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Doubtful since epidemics and the like are excluded already, but if you learn something, come back and inform the rest of us.

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Epidemics are not routinely excluded, only by certain policies and certain companies. But, as has been mentioned, Coronavirus is a named event, so doubtful that any event related to it will be covered. What you are looking for is coverage for a delay (the quarantine). If it’s a Coronavirus quarantine it likely won’t be covered. Question is, what if you get the Coronavirus is the medical care covered? I don’t know, you’d have to ask the company. That’s what I’d worry about. As for cancel for any reason, yes, it’s costly. But it will give you the option of cancelling and getting about 75% of your non-refundable costs back. Still won’t cover Coronavirus related losses should you decide to travel.

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Epidemics are not routinely excluded, only by certain policies and certain companies.

That is not what I have read, nor what people are reporting here and elsewhere.

Caveat emptor to anyone who has bought, or intends to buy, travel insurance in the hope that it will cover you for coronavirus or forced quarantine.

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Every carrier and every policy will be different. There are policy differences as mandated from one state to another.

My policy does provide coverage if I am quarantined before the trip (Trip Cancellation) or during the trip (Trip Interruption.) In those cases, it covers the non-refundable and unused expenses for any part of the trip that I am unable to take, and some costs to get me back to the trip or back to my point of origin.

If either my Travel Companion or I is sick - virus or otherwise - additional benefits apply, including medical expenses. The policy would provide additional expenses with a daily cap that would help, but not entirely cover, expenses if we were quarantined due to our own illness. The daily expense provision does not apply if we are quarantined due to the illness of others.

I mention these details only to help illustrate how very specific the coverage can be, and how very closely you would need to read the language of any policy you are considering. Even that "same" policy in another state, might have different language that could significantly modify coverage.

Edit: I purchased this policy (for 2 trips) before the Corona Virus was a "foreseen" Hazard.