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Travel from Paris to Barcelona... train or plane?

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to travel from Paris to Barcelona? I looked at Rick's train ticket cost estimates which is pushing me toward flying, but I'd love to hear opinions either way. We will be traveling with at least 1 suitcase per person as Spain will be the 2nd of 3 stops on our 14 day trip.


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I flew Madrid to Paris and return in 2012. The flight was ok, but I would not do it again. Vueling Airlines....had flown them before with good success. But on both trips they cancelled the early flight I had made a month or two before and then put me on a flight from Madrid to Paris 4 hours later....then that flight was delayed by 3 hours - no specific, honest reason given -- messed my schedule up completely...and the same on the return.

Check out the site The man in seat 61 for specifics on train travel. I will take the train from Madrid to Barcelona and then on to Paris should I make the trip again. The AVE train is an excellent mode of transportation. No long waits before departure, etc. Smooth ride...and you can see the countryside as well..

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I would fly, much faster and the flights are so inexpensive. And Rick recommended flying vs train now as well. If you take Rhyan Air or one of the cheap airlines, just be sure to pay for you luggage ahead of time, it is much less than having to pay for it at the airport.