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Travel dates - April or May?

I'm planning a 3 week trip around Spain for my parents (70s). My parents live in Florida and are sensitive to cold weather (under 70 degrees is cold). We have the option of two departure dates.

Option 1) April 14 - May 3
Barcelona (4/14-4/17), Madrid (4/18-4/21), Granada (4/22-4/24), Seville (4/25-4/28), Lisbon (4/29-5/3)

Option 2) May 19 - June 7
Barcelona (5/19-5/22), Madrid (5/23-5/26), Granada (5/27-5/29), Seville (5/30-6/2), Lisbon (6/3-6/7)

I'm concerned the April dates will be cold for Barcelona and Madrid, while the May dates will be hot for Seville. Unfortunately, they have a conflict for other dates in May.

Which would you recommend?

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Since they have twice as much time in Barcelona and Madrid than Seville... plan accordingly? How nice you're doing their planning!

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Easter is late for 2025. Do you want to avoid Easter festivities or embrace them? It will bring more crowds to some areas.
Have a great trip!

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To avoid some of the crowds I’d go with option 1, but because of where you’re going there will still be plenty of tourists. If your parents can’t cope with a few cool days, then go with option 2.