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Travel between Sevilla and Barcelona

I mistakingly posted this under tours. In traveling from Sevilla to Barcelona should I look at train or air travel? I don't know how complicated the train travel would be. It doesn't look like there would be direct trains. If train travel would be best should I book from home?

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Flying will shave a couple of hours but the train is comfy and convenient and cheap if you can pre-book on renfe. RENFE now accepts Paypal and people have reported good success using that - versus a credit card which are notoriously hard to get accepted on the website.

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TRAIN it will be a more enjoyable experience and you will see a great variety of landscape along the way....cava vineyards near Barcelona, dry land, somewhat arid closer to Madrid. Olive groves and citrus as you approach Sevilla.....2 1/2 hours Barcelona to Madrid and about the same to Sevilla....a couple of very short stops in each segment....your train ticket will have the car number and seat number on them. Both trains will have a snack car on them. Train by all means!!!