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I'm flying from the Santiago airport to Madrid at 1030pm at night . I arrive in Madrid close to midnight and know very little Spanish.

I was wondering if it would be safe to take a taxi to a downtown hotel at that time of night or if I should stay near the airport and try and go downtown in the morning, Thanks very much.

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I am sorry But what do you mean by safe. I live in Spain and this comes across as if all taxi divers are robbers or murderers. Soem might say they are robbers. But you should be ware of Madrid taxis hare regulated.
Read this
Note the flat fare covering the trips to the center of Madrid.
Always ask for a receipt. This will state the license number and fare paid at the end of the rip.

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Thanks very much for your insight and information regarding taking a taxi from the airport in Madrid at night.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks again.

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If I were in your position, I would stay at a hotel near the airport and travel to Madrid the next morning. I really enjoyed my time in Spain, but I found it to be a very challenging country for traveling without the language. I would be concerned about my ability to handle surprises at midnight.