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Train to Belgium

After our bus tour ends in Madrid we are departing hopefully by train to Belgium. However I cant seem to find a schedule for this? I know we must travel through France, but not sure which city we will have to transfer at? Or which Train is best suited? Your help is much appreciated, thank you

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The fastest train trip is 15+ hours. Why not fly?
Go to to get train routes. Fastest is to Hendaye then to Paris with a station transfer via Metro, then to Brussels.

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Its best to look up train schedules either on or on the Deutsches Bahn website. Here's the link: This link describes how to look up train schedules.
Sometimes they will not show you the entire schedule if you are transferring a lot by train. I would also consider looking into flying. It might be a lot cheaper and it will definitely be quicker. Look at for budget European flight options. I would look up the schedule but I'm not sure where you are going to in Belgium and when.

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Great advise Sam! I didnt realize how long the trip would take. We are now going to book a flight, Thank you