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Train or Plane? Madrid to Paris

I am a solo female traveler. What would be a cost efficient way to travel from Madrid to Paris?

Appreciate you tips and advise.
Thank you.

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I have done the plane...with a cancellation and then a delay (6 hours total) going and the same returning....made my trip miserable. Am considering the highspeed train from Madrid to Barcelona and on to Paris in the fall..might not be as cheap, but will be more enjoyable. Have done the Madrid to Barcelona run and it was fantastic.

Check out the site The Man In Seat 61 for the details, schedules, prices, links, etc. then decide if that is for you...

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Trains can be delayed significantly too. Maybe not as often, but they sometimes are. I think for such a long trip, the plane is best if time is a factor. Most people have limited vacation time in Europe, why spend a large chunk of it sitting? But if you do have more time, the train is great.

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You asked about cost. For both the train and the plane, tickets will be MUCH more expensive the longer you wait. Look at Skyscanner for flight options, and look at RENFE for train tickets: For advice on how to book discount tickets on Spanish trains (it's not easy, but the discounts are worth it), use the tutorials at TripAdvisor: or Seat 61: