Train from Madrid to Seville - Stop in Cordoba - Luggage Storage?

Planning to stop in Cordoba for a few hours on my way from Madrid to Seville. I understand from Rick's book that there are lockers for luggage storage in the bus station which is across the street from the train station in Cordoba. Has anyone used these lockers before? Will they hold a large-ish suitcase (25" tall, I think)? Also, how many lockers are there? Are they often totally used up?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Posted by Neil
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I have never needed but the the information you want is certainly in here -
including the dimensions for the lockers in bus station and the direction for a premises nearby which also stores.

'Are they often totally used up?' - Who can possibly foresee how many from Canada or wherever might appear wanting storage on any given day? :-) And you have the alternative. I doubt there will be a difficulty.

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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The lockers pictured on the link above are a common type. Most stations have sizes for both large and small bags. I can't recall ever getting shut out of locker availability when I needed it.

Posted by Brad
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There is also a large bus station immediately across the street. If it were full, I think you could find something there.

Posted by Frank
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Brad, the luggage storage IS in the bus station. There is no storage in the train station