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Train from BCN to Sants Station

Good afternoon. Next month my wife & I fly into BCN (morning arrival) & tentatively planning to take the train from terminal #2 to Sants station (Ultimately, taking a 2PM afternoon train upto Collioure, France via Perpignan). I would be curious to know if anyone else recently taken the train from BCN to Sants. Hopefully 4+ hours is enough time to collect baggage, & navigate our way over to the other terminal. I am also wondering if I can get away purchasing the Sants train tickets upon arrival. Thanks in advance, -Rick

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The fast train via Perpignan requires réservations. You can usually secure a seat on the same day but it is expensive!
As an alternative, regional trains leave Barcelona Sants every 2 hours for Cerbère, where you can connect to a regional train to Collioure. The whole thing takes 3h20 minutes vs. 2h30 via Perpignan, but it is cheaper and more scenic, without any need to book in advance.

I cannot answer your question regarding "how long from airport to Sants".

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Thanks for that tip. I will consider that route the next time I head from Spain upto France.

I would still be curious to hear from anyone who recently used the train from BCN to Sants Station. .

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You're welcome.
What do you mean by

I am also wondering if I can get away purchasing the Sants train tickets upon arrival ?

If you are talking about the tickets from airport to Sants station, your only option is buying them on arrival. My recollection of the suburban train station is hazy, but ticket machines should be plentiful.

And since nobody else offered advice: I think 4+ hours is plenty. In Paris (CDG) it would be sufficient time to catch a train downtown, and in Barcelona, the airport is much closer to the city, so it is a quicker trip.

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My advice would be to get a taxi from T1 direct to Sants. The airport is relatively close to the city centre in Barcelona and the journey takes roughly 20 mins, subject to traffic. Taxis are comparatively cheap in Barcelona. To get from T1 to T2, and then a Renfe train to Sants, would just do my head in !!

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the train from BCN to Sants

35'... from Terminal 2, where the station at the airport is located. It departs every 30'. If you land in Terminal 1, there is a FREE shuttle bus (green buses) connecting both terminals departing every 5' and the journey takes 15',