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tour recommendations for gibraltar?

We will be in Gibraltar for one day and would love to book a tour. Have any of you had a good experience with a tour guide? We would love to get it booked ahead. We are staying overnight on the spanish side and then plan to cross over the border and back to the hotel after the day. We are renting a car - should we plan to just walk across the border and park our car on the spanish side? Or should we drive our car across?
Thanks for any tips with this!

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There is actually loads to do on Gibraltar, even though it's so small. In fact, because it's so small you can get a lot done in a day there, to be honest.

The main things to do in Gibraltar as far as I remember - are the siege tunnels, the castle, nature reserve and of course, the monkeys!!

The inside-out rock tour might be the best thing to do of all.

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We've taken two tours in Gibraltar, both without booking. Once you cross the border there are a number of tour guides waiting for your custom, many will approach you and offer their services, usually a minibus which you can either have for yourself or share with others. The first time we did this we had an excellent guide who took us up the rock, stopped at the caves, the monkeys and the tunnels before returning us via a quick tour of the town centre. He was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. Our second guide was not so good. I had my reservations about him but everyone else didn't feel the same. His minibus was dirty and smelt of cigarette smoke, his driving was bad and I'm sure he was drunk. Everything was rushed and my concerns about his recommendation for a place to eat proved correct.

My advice is to go with your gut instinct. There are plenty of guides to choose from and competition means that the prices aren't high. Don't be afraid to decline if you don't like the look of the vehicle.

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We parked our car on the Spanish side, walked across the border, took a bus to the cable car (I believe it was #10) and went up to the top of the Rock by cable car. All very easy and all loads of fun.