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Tolls in Spain and Portugal?

We will rent a car in Madrid and will drive in Spain and Portugal. Can we purchase an automatic device or prepaid card?

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We Often rent cars in Spain, but have never comtemplated your question as we always strive to avoid toll roads. We have found the non-toll roads to be an equal alternative to paying the high fees.
Be sure and obtain your IDP at AAA to insure you avoid a hefty fine while driving in Spain.

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More replies are running on the Portugal version of this question.

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Like Marbleskies I rented a car for most of a month trip to Spain. It didn't take long before deciding that toll roads weren't worth the money.

The AP routes are toll roads, they have about a 5 kph higher speed limit and are great roads.

The A routes are equally good roads with a slightly lower speed limit but work well. Use these as often as possible.

The N routes are decent no toll roads, they are generally undivided roads, a little slower, and go through towns rather than skirting them. N roads work but will take a little longer than an A route.

I'm not sure the AP provides an advantage over A routes when considering stopping to pay tolls periodically.

In addition to getting your IDP before the trip, consider American Express CDW options. We used our Costco card but paid something like $30 one-time to cover CDW for the whole rental. Rules vary based on where you live but it's worth checking out.