Toledo, El Escorial and San Sabestian de Compostela

4th trip to Spain. Arriving in Barcelona mid August. Can I see all three(Toledo, El Escorial & San Sabestian de Compostela) in 4 days? I've previously taken the train from Barcelona to Madrid(saw all the Madrid sights already).. Is it better to repeat or fly? Is there anything else along this route that I've overlooked?

Posted by H J
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Toledo is 1/2 hour by AVE train from the Atocha Station in Madrid. You can do it in a day, but overnight is better. There is also bus service, but I do not know the details. I have used the train several trips.

El Escorial is reached either by train (from Charmartin Station) or by bus. I understand the bus stop is closer to El Escorail than the train stop. I have not been, however. It is about one hour I think, either way. Not a high speed train, but one of the locals...I saw it from the train as I was going to Salamanca.

Not sure about San Sabestian...

Posted by Harold
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"San Sabestian de Compostela"

Did you mean San Sebastian, the city in the Basque country also known as Donostia? Or Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrimage city in Galicia at the end of the Camino de Santiago? Or someplace else?

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El Escorial is best reached by bus. The train station is a loooong, uphill walk or taxi ride. The bus station is a short 5 minute walk in town.

I'm also not sure what is meant by San Sebastian de Compostela.

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Santiago de Compostela ? It's over by the west coast.

San Sebastián de Nothing is up on the north coast.

To include either in just four days would be pretty near impossible. Maybe include Segovia or Avila since they sort of cluster with the other two.

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Paul clarified in a PM to me, which I'll post so others can help:

"Subject: Santiago de Compostela
Sorry about the mix up. So, if I'm in Barcelona, would it be better to go to SdC or journey over to Madrid and up to Toledo. Been to Madrid, but not Toledo. Which is more significant to see; Toledo or SdC? Would appreciate your thoughts."

I can't personally comment, since I was in Toledo almost 20 years ago (and on a Monday when most things are closed), and have never been to Santiago de Compostela.

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The train between Barcelona and Santiago takes around 8 to 9 hours. the train between Madrid and Santiago takes around 5 to 7 hours. One could fly. However to visit all of this in four days you are ticking boxes and not absorbing.
If you ahve been to Madrid before than leave those locations nearby off your list and visit just Barcelona. leave Santiago/ Galicia for another visit

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I have been to Toledo five or six times in recent trips to Spain (once or twice per year for seven or so years) and never tire of it. Filled with history on every step and every corner, and new exhibits in the museums, etc. Can not comment on SanC as have not been there. But one trip in 20 years would not be enough for me!!!