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Tickets to Casa Batllo & Picasso Museum

I have been trying to get tickets to the Picasso Museum for our trip in Nov. and have not been able to get them on their website. How far in advance do they allow online purchases? Also, I'm not sure if I want to visit Casa Batllo. Is it difficult to get tickets just a couple of days in advance if we decide to go; do they sell out early?
Thanks for any insight that can be provided!

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We were at Casa Batllo last week and bought ticks on their website for the next day. Plenty of time slots were available for the more expensive tour. But, there is a person standing at the door with a sign saying “ ask me”. You can buy tickets there at the door. Do the full tour. It called the gold tour.

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There are sometimes lengthy lines for both of those sights, though I wouldn't expect November to be quite as busy as May-September. You would normally be able to buy tickets close to the day of your visit, though the first time slot(s) of the day may sell out a bit earlier. People like those because they can be sure of arriving on time, since they won't have an earlier entry at a different sight. I think you'll be OK waiting until you're in Barcelona to make a decision about Casa Batllo, but I can't absolutely guarantee it.

Do you already have Casa Mila/La Pedrera on your itinerary? Both it and Casa Batllo are likely to be quite crowded (as is the Picasso Museum), but I found Casa Batllo was a bit worse back in 2016. Unless they're selling fewer tickets now, I really question the need for the typical tourist to go to both of those very costly sights. Casa Batllo is quite a bit more expensive than Casa Mila, but it seems to have added some new experiences since I was there.

I wasn't aware the Picasso Museum had such a limited advance-sale period, but I'm seeing the same thing you are. I assume November tickets will go on sale very soon.

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Totally agree with Ann.

Btw, Picasso Museum, being a "public" museum (read "municipal", or "run by/related to the City Hall"), offers some chances to get in for free, what they call "Free-of-charge times" (,


For a visitor, I totally advise against going down that route because the chances to get in during those times can be slim, and you might have to make a long queue without the assurance you'll be able to get in (as per legal safety regulations once max capacity is reached). This is not convenient if you're on a temporary visit to the City and your schedule is packed.

In fact, these "free-of-charge" offers, in this and other public museums, are aimed to promote local visitors rather than foreign ones. As a local, if I don't get it today, I might try the next time and it's not such a "big deal". As a visitor with limited time in the city, you don't want to waste time queueing to later learn today's free tickets have already been distributed, right? This is not to say you can't be lucky enough to get the chance to visit for free, but is it worth risking not to?.

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I think Palau Guell had a once-a-month free-entry period as of 2016. I haven't checked recently, but that's a place where a visitor might get lucky and not have to stand in line too long. Maybe MNAC (a really good museum) also has free entry. Back in 2016 the tourist office under Placa de Catalunya had a one-page handout summarizing all the local attractions' opening hours and identifying free-entry periods, if any.