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Ticketmaster problems again

Trying to purchase tickets for La Familia Sagrada in Barcelona, but the website won't allow for days in May. They are the most reasonably priced.
Any suggestions? I called Ticketmaster in the US, but they had no solutions.


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Hi Anne, Its not uncommon for some sites in Europe to not give reservations more than a month in advance. I looked myself and it seems that reservations aren't available for April either. I think you will probably just have to check back later when May does become available (most likely early to mid April). If its not available yet, then that means that no one else is getting their reservations either and you should be fine.

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You don't necessarily need reservations, when I went last June, I just showed up and bought my ticket on the spot. It's not the Alhambra where they actually fill up, so the Sagrada Familia will not sell out. Plus, waiting in line isn't bad as you get to people watch or hang out with snacks from La Boqueria. It'll be around 12 euros at the door per person, as that's what I believe I paid.

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I am having the same problem today with trying to purchase tickets for the first week in April for Sagrada Familia.....calendar function on the Ticketmaster website will not allow the selection of any April dates (today is March 22). Any other options for buying tickets in advance?

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Thanks for your suggestions. I will be on a cruise ship when they *might* become available through Ticketmaster, possibly making it difficult to get tickets for a May 2nd date. I hear the lines are very long if you don't reserve ahead of time. There are some companies, such as Ticket Bar offering guided tours for a minimum of $40.00 per person, but we would prefer to see it on our own with audio.