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the real weather in Spain in September

We are thinking of going there in September 2015 on Rick's tour. How accurate are his estimates of temperature? He has always recommended Prague and Budapest in September and we went there are froze. Morning temps were 44. 11 am was 55. On the two sunny days it hit 70 but lasted for less than two hours.

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Hi Sandy,
Sorry that your weather was cold, as you always want good weather when on a vacation. Unfortunately we can't control the weather. We also were in Prague and Budapest in Sept and the weather was beautiful. We have traveled to other areas of Europe in Sept and Oct and have had wonderful weather.
We are also going on his 2015 Spain trip next Sept. So we both hope for good weather!

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I think the poster has a different concept of cold coming from the desert. For me 55 is decent weather and 44 in the AM would not be particularly bothersome. Remember you live the extremes to have an average temperature. It is at best an indication and not a prediction. You just prepare for a wider range to temperatures. It you want guaranteed hot, then go in July and August. For us mid Sept to end of Oct is our preferred time for travel but we always pack a jacket and one long sleeve.

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The interesting thing about "average" temperatures is the actual temperature will likely be hotter or colder than average. If the RS historic value is the median temperature of the data set, half the days were hotter and half were colder. And that said, 55f at 11am sounds liker great walking around weather if you are staying dry.

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Not trying to be rude, really.
But the weather you experience in your home locale may be influencing your perspective on the definition of cold.
For clarity check out where the OP resides.
To answer your question we strive to visit Spain in October due to the moderate climate we encounter.

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A quick funny story (hopefully). We were in a clothing store in August. Some folks from Palm Desert were looking around, and we just started chatting. It was August in Victoria BC and 24c (which is quite warm for us). The group from Palm Desert were looking for fleece clothing because they found it so cold here. LOL....

Anyway I digress. I agree with the previous poster. Dressing in layers is the wisest way to travel. We have been in Spain in April and September. I found the weather quite chilly in April and finally bought a fleece jacket. In september it was quite warm - started out with slacks and jacket and ended in shorts and lightweight top.

If you are really concerned about the weather - could you go over the summer when it is nice and warm. It might be more comfortable for you. Personally we never travel in the summer - I cant take the heat.....LOL

Have a wonderful trip.

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Hi Sandy,

From my experience with Spain in September, I'd say somewhere around a 70 average and it was pretty much constant. But then again, it largely depends on which part of Spain you're going to be visiting (my stay was in the North). Try doing some research on historical recordings of weather for your selected locations in September. I think Bing offers a pretty accurate online Weather service. Hope this will be of help.

Enjoy your trip!