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The Rains in Spain...

South-eastern Spain is currently enduring some major hurricane-like flooding due to massive rains in the Valencia, Malaga, and Murcia regions. It's quite sad, a number of people have died, and many towns have been totally inundated in what is being called "La Gota Fria" (the cold drop). Though it may not affect your travels, as this area is not very touristy, I do hope that one of our forum contributors, Nick, who lives in the Murcia region, is doing alright.

I have not seen much coverage in North American media over here in the States, so I thought I would share some images that are now coming out, of the aftermath of the floods:

Spain floods: Huge rescue effort as five confirmed dead - BBC

Dana | El Temporal De Gota Fría Azota Málaga, Murcia, Alicante Y Almería - El Pais (local video)

Death toll rises as torrential rain and floods batter Spain - The Guardian

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It’s heartbreaking to read about such a horrible tragedy... My thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by this sad event...

I do hope Nick and his loved ones are safe.

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This after the hail and flash floods last month near Madrid. Such a shame.

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It's been quite a crazy past few months for Spain (and the rest of the world) weather-wise. In June/July we had the hottest ever summer temps and then in August/September the most rain/storms like never before!

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How horrible, hoping there is no more loss of life. And that Nick and his family are o.k.

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Thank you for the kind thoughts. I've only just seen this because we're in Germany for a fortnight's holiday and so I've not been looking at the forum much - and we missed the "cold drop" entirely. But from what I understand it was much worse to the North and West of where we live. In places it does seem to have been horrendous.

Trip report on Germany to follow, I promise

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Nick, glad your holiday was to Germany and not Atlantis! Unfortunately, the US is now experiencing some similarly destructive rains in Houston Texas...