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Thanks - I will check this out. I loved my trip to Andalucia in 2019. I want to explore more of Spain one day.

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Thanks so much prophet! I just watched the Cuenca segment first, very well done, and brought back many memories from my visit there. Will certainly watch the others, which will be a nice interlude from all the current news!

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A great list of featured locations, they may not be the top blockbuster cities, but they are certainly treasures of our patrimony, equally as important as a Sevilla or Barcelona.

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I am fond of several places mentioned, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, etc.

However, I would strongly disagree that these 13 places are at the top of the list to visit in Spain. Just note the places not mentioned at all:
and more.

Personally, my favorite places in Spain are
1) Seville
2) Barcelona
3) Toledo
4) Madrid and Segovia
5) Salamanca

I haven't been to Estremaura and Merida, I know most of the Conquistadors came from that province, which is a bit like the desert areas of the American SW. Also, I haven't been to the Basque region or Valencia.

Just my take.

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I don't think the series intended to cover the best known tourist attractions in Spain. It certainly reinforced my decision to visit Caceres and Merida.

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Thank you for this. Loved Santiago, so look forward to seeing these alternates to the well-trodden route

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Wow, Carlos - I loved the Lonely Planet article. I am shooting for a trip to Spain in 2021.

Corrected my spelling of Caceres, but alas no accents on my keyboard!

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Although Amazon lists it as 2019, it's from circa 2009. I've had the series on DVD since 2012. This notwithstanding, it's well done and worth viewing.

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I love Spain and especially Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla and the Basque region rank high among my favorites. I will find this show on Amazon Prime! Thanks.

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Really have enjoyed this show so far, glad to have something to watch since my April trip to Spain is cancelled. Hopefully we can go this summer if not maybe spring 2021 but watching this program has made me rethink my itinerary some very interesting towns, we were supposed to just be in Andalucia for the whole trip but some other great cities I would love to explore

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Thank you for bringing this show to my attention. Watching it right now and loving it. So glad that they covered many places in Northern Spain. My favorite part of Spain and incredibly under represented in travel books, tours, etc., including Rick Steves’. I always mention that this would be a dream tour from Rick- northern Spain and Extremadura. Will keep hoping -maybe a Village Spain tour.

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Thanks for the Amazon tip. I will enjoy watching. Increasingly in general I prefer the places that are not number one places but what many consider second tier. Sure there are often less famous sights but often have more low key things that are quite interesting and less crowded.
Sure, I like to see some famous sights but I really value everyday experiences , such as walking around ,viewing local scenes, having tea and a treat at a local bakery, or a low key meal and a glass of wine, at a local café, checking out the street market, etc. I can't get enough of those experiences and that is what often brings me back .
So these places in Spain have great interest for me.But it depends on one's style of travel. Obviously for some people going from top sight to top sight is important and a main driver of their travel and going to the big name places is important to them and essential. There is no right or wrong way of course so all suggestions of what places make people happy are good, especially now.

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semantics, please... Barcelona is not "a tourist attraction", it's a city which attracts tourism, that's a completely different thing and it should reflect on one's expectations and behaviour when visiting. Establishing the correct "mental frame" is imperative. The same applies, of course, to all other places which were not "built to entertain" but are living spaces for many ordinary residents whose lives have nothing to do with you or me visiting their place. Those not living in places which attract lots of tourism might not "understand" what I am saying but then "tourists go home" attitudes pop up everywhere, in Barcelona, in New York, in Berlin, in Paris... just because of the behaviour of those people when visiting one's homeplace. And this all starts with not realizing that a living space is not a "tourist attraction".