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Thanks for all the help we got on this forum

Hi all,
Thanks to all who painstakingly responded to all our queries, we had a wonderful trip to Spain. It was close to perfect. It rained and got a little chilly in Ronda and Granada but was not bad at all. It was so beautiful that it was all worth it.
Once again thanks to one and all who helped us chalk this trip out. From where to go to first and how many days to spend in every city to booking our train tickets we did everything as advised on this forum and it really worked for us. Just had to come back to say a big thanks.
This was our first trip to Europe with the entire family and it was absolutely wonderful. Sevilla, Cordoba, Jerez, Ronda & Granada...we miss it all.
PS: I would love to mention people individually but am afraid I might skip someone out.

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Reshmi, thank you so much for coming back and letting us know you had a good trip. I hope you took lots of pictures!

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I hope to have as perfect of a trip as you described! I also hope that you will help all of us newbies out now that you're officially an expert ;)