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Temps in Majorca during May

Looking in traveling to Majorca from Madrid in early May 2021 if allowed from the US. Will I encounter beach weather during that time of year?

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To see actual, day-by-day, historical weather in Palma going back about ten years, go to I recommend checking several years; I normally look at the most recent five years. I've linked to May 2020. I assumed this year was unusually hot, but now that I've looked at 2019, I think maybe Mallorca just is hot in May!

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The weather in May is great in Mallorca, warm but not hot, sunny and great for exploring. It will most likely be sunbathing weather but the sea won't have had a chance to warm up to comfortable levels however much depends on what you are used to. Are you looking for tropical Atlantic of Caribbean temperatures or are you more used to the cooler Pacific waters? You'll find plenty or Northern Europeans in the sea around Mallorca in May but not so many of those who prefer warmer water.

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If you like a water temperature of about 66F, then you will be fine to swim. In other words, no, it is not beach weather that time of year.