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Temporary Relocation to Seville

Hello all,
This is my first post here. We are planning a 6-12 month sabbatical in Spain from the US and were thinking Seville might be a good place to live. We have 2 children we'd like to immersed in the language, and my Spanish could use a lot of work as well. We plan to do a lot of traveling within Spain and outside of Spain. My husband will be working in Huelva and I will be telecommuting from Seville. If anyone has recommendations for schools - elementary and language, neighborhoods in Seville, travel tips for traveling with kids in europe, long term apartment locators in seville, best quality internet connections, we would love to hear them.
Thanks so much for taking the time.


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Does your husband not need to live in Huelva, or not be there 5 days/week? It's over an hour drive from Seville.

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I could see reasons for choosing to live in Seville over Huelva, even with the commute. I certainly knew people in the Seattle area who had hour+ commutes to work each way so that they could live where they wanted.

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As this site is geared to travelers and not long term residents (entirely different issues), you should try reaching out to expat groups in Sevilla. Try the American Women's Club in Sevilla, for example:

Good luck with your residency and work permits as well!

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Also post on the Trip Advisor forum for Seville. There are locals who contribute regularly and may be able to give you links to more local information resources.

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Seville is a popular place for long stays! I'm subbing to this thread to hear the info, as my husband and I will be staying there for 3 months very soon, and also telecommuting :) Our stay will be different than yours as 3 months is the max we can do without a visa, but we found our 'apartment' rental on airbnb. Good luck!