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TAXIs for family of 5

Are there taxis that can hold 5 people in Spain? (Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Nerja)
When we went to Rome, the majority of taxis were 4 passengers only (3 in back and 1 in front with driver) but there
were a FEW MINI VANS that could accomodate 5 people....just had to wait a bit longer.


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Yes, but it will be a van. Legislation limits car taxis to four passengers in Spain. You are unlikely to find such waiting on the off chance at ranks.

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Most of them aren't, so if you are going to need one of these, I would recommend talking to the taxi company first and ask if they have some available ones.
As said, legislation in Spain allows just 4 people + driver in private cars in Spain. However, there are 7-seaters and 9-seaters mini-vans too and I would say some taxi companies offer them too. One would think they do.