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Tarragona vs Ronda if I have only a couple of hours

I am planning a crazy itinerary and need to fly to Dublin out of either Malaga or Barcelona. Malaga would be preferred for timing reasons, but Barcelona is much more inexpensive for the flight. I will need to get from either Seville to Malaga or Valencia to Barcelona; accordingly, I could stop in Ronda or Tarragona respectively, but probably I'd have a couple of hours at most. We do have a particular interest in Roman history, which obviously leans Tarragona. On the other hand, we have been to a lot of Roman ruin sites lately, so I wouldn't say that's dispositive. If you've been to both, how would you prefer to spend the afternoon? This will be in January, and we are not "hikers". It's not to say that we don't walk a ton in Europe, because we do, but we don't tend to do it on hiking trails. Thanks!

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I haven't been to Tarragona. I'd check January weather if you care about that at all. Ronda's inland and at 2400 feet; Tarragona's on the coast. I think the temperature could be more pleasant in Tarragona.