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Tarragona T10/30 Bus Travel Card

I was searching for a 1 day bus travel card for Tarragona and. found the T10/30 card, but could not find how or where to purchase the card. I tried TripAdvisor but the posts regarding the T10/30 were 4-5 years old. I suspect a lot has changed in 4 or 5 years.

Can anyone give me an update if this card still is available? If it is where does one purchase the card, and what is the cost? Can 2 people use the same card so long as it is scanned twice.?

If the card is no longer available was it replaced with something similar?


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Hi Jon. You can buy a multi journey card from any of the Bus Plana agents located in many towns around the Tarragona region. Look for the blue coloured signage saying Bus Plana to buy one. The same card can be used by more than one person if you don't want to buy individual cards. I think we paid around €11-12 for the card last year so prices may have changed since then. Just scan the card on the card reader when entering the bus and tell the driver if you want one or 2 tickets for you and your companion if you only use the same card. Not sure if gives you a list of agents where to buy the card but they are very plentiful around any town. Enjoy your travels.