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Summer Solstice in Valencia

Good Day,

Does Valencia typically have summer solstice festivities?

We* are planning to take the high speed train from Barcelona to Valencia that day (staying in Valencia for a few nights) and I'm wondering:

1) if we could plan for solstice festivities in Valencia and

2) assuming so, if the following rough outline would be do-able.

AM - Barcelona

--9:00 Sagrada Familia (advance tickets for first slot)

--RS Eixample Walk
*including lunch and a stop at Casa Mila (anytime tickets, purchase in advance)

Transport to Barcelona Sants (haven't checked yet, but assume public transit or taxi from Placa de Catalunya*

High Speed Train to Valencia (trainline indicates there are/will be 15:00, 16:10 and 18:15 departures)

PM - Valencia

--Drop bags at lodging


--Solstice festivities

*We = family of four, 50yo adults, 13 and 17yo kids

*Plans to attend a concert or other event at Palau de la Música Catalana on a different day

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On the night of St John´s (San Juan or Sant Joan in Valencia), we build big bonfires everywhere in Spain (in Valencia they also do it on the beaches) and lit them up around 1030pm, and people burn old things on them, and jump over them, on a very festive mood. That happens practically anywhere in Spain, to celebrate St John and the summer solstice. In other areas, people dress up as witches or local mithology characters and dance around the bonfires (Basque Country, in my case).

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It´s a very loooooong night, people will stay around the bonfires until sunrise in many beach areas.

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So interesting, Mike. The fires are done in French Canada, too, but appear to have burned out in most of France. For the OP, it should be noted that the Saint Jean is the 24th, not the 21st the day the calendar marks the solstice.

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That´s correct, and the night of San Juan is celebrated from 23 night to 24 dawn. A huge celebration in practically every town in Spain.

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Oh Bets, thank you! I was planning on the actual date of the solstice, so that is an important detail!

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Be sure you note what Mike said that it's the night of the 23rd ending in the wee hours of the 24th. Most holidays in southern Europe begin the evening before the calendar date.

Mike: What about Catalonia?