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Suggestions for Itinreary - 2 weeks in Summer

This is my first time in Spain and I need some suggestions on itineary, I am wondering if squeezing one night in Tangier would be possible.

Following is what I am thinking

Arrive in Barcelona early morning, spend 3 nights in Barcelona

2 nights in Seville

2 nights in Cordoba

2 nights in Granada

1 night in Tangier if possible

3 nights in Madrid

Any suggestions are most welcome

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This is possible traveling light and solo. It can be tiring checking in and out many hotels.
Maybe fly one way to Tangier from Barcelona and work your way up.
Tangier to Granada to Cordoba to Seville to Madrid.

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That would be moving way too fast for me, and I wouldn't bother with Tangier. Morocco is fascinating, but Tangier doesn't really give you the best of Morocco. Add that time to one of the Spanish cities instead.

Except for Barcelona, all the places you're interested in are likely to be quite hot in the summer. The average high temperatures in Seville are over 95F (35C) in July and August. A different time of year would be more pleasant. If you're stuck with summer, I recommend considering spending a greater part of your time (or all of it) in the northern part of the country. The swath along the northern coast tends to be much, much cooler than Madrid and points south. Barcelona is likely to be sort of in the middle.

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I have to give a second vote for skipping the 1N in Tangier. With all the travel time to get there and then to get all the way back to Madrid, it would not be worth it. I was hoping for the same thing when I planned my first trip to Spain this past September. I thought, "but it's so close!" But it's not really. You would hardly have but a few hours there. So, my recommendation, for what it is worth, is to add the 1N elsewhere. I'd say 3N in Seville instead. Enjoy!

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If you REALLY want to do something between Granada and Madrid, you could look into 1N in Ronda which is a lovely White Town/Pueblo Blanco. Train travel into and out of Granada is a little tough right now because there is construction on the train tracks. But, perhaps look into Ronda and see if it is a place you might like. Enjoy!

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With 13 nights in Spain

  1. ARRIVE Barcelona (4N)
  2. Barcelona
  3. Barcelona
  4. Barcelona
  5. Fly to Granada (2N)
  6. Visit Alhambra
  7. Train to Seville (3N)
  8. Seville
  9. Day trip to Cordoba (Mezquita)
  10. Late train to Madrid (4N)
  11. Madrid
  12. Day trip to Toledo
  13. Madrid
  14. DEPART Madrid
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Here's what I'm thinking.

  1. do you know how hot it is in Andalucia in summer? July-August is low season because of it.
  2. I don't think 1N in Tangier is feasible because of the trek to get there and back.
  3. 3N in Madrid depends on what you want to see and do there.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. Yes I aware about the hot weather in August unfortunately I am tied to that time period.

Another follow up question would it be advisable to drive between some of the cities in Andalusia or just take trains?

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I agree to skip Tangier - plan out how you will get to the port and then from the port back to where you want to be. It's harder than it seems.

Your number of nights per place is good. People will quibble with it, for example I think Cordoba is a one night and both Seville and Granada need more (Seville especially). I would skip tangier, take Cordoba to 1 night and add one night to each Seville and Granada. But as I said this is quibbling - you would have a good trip on what you have!

If you are looking at Seville, Cordoba, Granada and maybe Ronda then trains or busses will be best. I've found that ALSA busses sometimes have better schedules than the train on some non-high speed routes.

If you want to tour some of the smaller hill towns then a car could be useful - but this isn't on your list and would probably take too much time. Also it will be hard to drive and park in some of the old towns. Roads between towns and into town from the highway are good, but obviously the roads inside ancient towns aren't made for cars! You will see people driving down roads about the same width as the car and pedestrians standing in doorways to let the car pass. Best bet if you do drive is to park on the outskirts of town and walk in, unless you are staying overnight and your hotel gives you specific directions to a parking lot nearby. In general I'd say stick with the towns/cities you have listed and connect them by train and bus.

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With just 13 nights, wanting to do as much as you do, and in an efficient way, I would not recommend getting a car.
And Tangiers is a 3 day effort with logistics to/from Tarifa. And too hot. Forget it.