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Study Abroad moved from August to October

Hi all,

We just received an email today from my DD’s university is pushing her start date to Oct 1 for Siracusa for 6 weeks followed by Barcelona for 6 weeks. Not sure if it will really happen (or if we will let her go) but thought I’d share the latest from California’s UC system.

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Many University's are delaying or changing how they conduct schooling for the Fall. I have several friends who are professors and we also have kids who are juniors and seniors and it looks like most schools will be impacted and some students are taking a gap year bc they dont want to pay that much tuition for online schooling.

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Interesting! I am am a professor and my university canceled all fall study abroad several weeks ago. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with that stance; just telling you what happened with us. We were also one of the very first in the US to recall all students currently on study abroad back in February, so we tend to be cautious.