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Stick to the north and central or try to head south?

I will be in Spain in early September for 2 weeks. I will be starting in Lisbon (3 nights), flying to Barcelona (undetermined number), and leaving from Madrid. My question is this: would it be worth it to attempt the Alhambra and Sevilla on this trip, leaving only 3.5 days each for Barcelona and Madrid, assuming only one night in Granada and Sevilla? The Alhambra is a must-see for me sometime in my life but I do travel internationally around twice a year. Now, sticking around the Costa Brava and making time to see Toledo, El Escorial, and perhaps Basque country sound more appetizing than an overnight train and an itinerary under pressure.
I have total faith in you, smart travelers. Tell me what you think.

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I would save the Alhambra for a separate visit;....that is what I have done...hope to see it this fall!!

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Getting up to, and around in, the Basque provinces would take just as long as getting down to, and around in, western Andalusia, so that'd be out as well.

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Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid will provide a visit to three countries and their capitals.
Ok, maybe a little early regarding the Catalonia nation.
But, you will have a large menu of opportunities within each location to pursue as robustly, or leisurely, as you choose. So I advocate reducing the travel stress and increase the journey enjoyment by stcking w LBM.
Have you considered renting apts in each location (since you will be at least three nights in each)?

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I agree with the others. Stick with those three bases and fill in any extra time with some daytrips. Don't shortchange yourself trying to get to yet another region (Andalucía or Basque). And you can easily spend two weeks in Andalucía on your next trip.

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Thank you all. I will be sticking to these three cities with maybe stops in Sitges and Toledo added. Southern Spain will be sometime in the future. Happy traveling to all!