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SPTH Form, QR code

Has anyone else had trouble receiving the QR code? I have entered in the initial information but have gotten stalled at step 4, and the page doesn't go forward when I click Save and Continue. Our flight is tomorrow evening so I thought I was within the time window to be able to complete the last part. Any help appreciated. I haven't yet tried calling the Help number but will try that if nothing else avails.

Thanks so much,

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I completed mine using the website, not the app, and had no problem finishing the form. Once submitted the QR code was almost instantaneously in my mailbox. As long as you’re within 72 hours of arrival it should allow you to complete it.

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Did it on line for my wife and myself. She received an email saying it was approved.
I received an email saying it was not. ??

We also both received emails with the QR Code as a pdf.

When I tried to upload it to my SpTH app, it says the QR Code is not valid.
Not sure what to do now.

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I'm wondering how to get a QR code for entry to Spain while walking the Camino. We don't need one in Portugal, and wonder if we do it along the road? It is super confusing. Thanks!

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wfickfamily - you only need the QR code if flying in to Spain. No one's checking QR codes after you leave the airport.

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A friend of mine had the same problem back in june he called the helpine
They told him to restart the form and put a 0 in front of his passport number.
It worked,