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SpTH and Gibraltar, Tangier day trips


We're planning to visit the Costa del Sol in late March 2023, and my friends are planning a separate trip in October this year 2022. With the current requirements for Spain entry: COVID vaccination proof and SpTH form, are day trips to either Gibraltar or Tangier still feasible to do? I am concerned about re-entry into Spain, and getting a new SpTH form completed with QR code during each day trip.
I guess completing the form online in Gibraltar might not be too difficult. Not sure about getting online in Tangier though. Or can we complete the forms and get a QR code before we leave on those day trips? Thanks very much for your replies.


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Ah, I found an answer in the Spanish health site:

Passengers over the age of 12 who arrive in Spain by sea must also be in possession of one of the required health certificates (vaccination, recovery or diagnostic test), whether it is an EU CCD/EU Equivalent or another type, without the need to complete a health control form.

So revising my question: Are tourists having any problems re-entering Spain by ferry or land(car) ?
Has anyone recently made the day trip?


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A friend of ours did a day trip to Gibraltar with their rental car a little over a week ago and had no problems crossing the border. They also drove for lunch in France from San Sebastián and had no problem there either.

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I suspect by March 2023 and most likely by October this year that the entry requirements are likely to quite different with the SpTH form the most likely to be dropped. I wouldn't worry too much about the requirements until much closer to the date. As it stands the SpTH form cannot be completed until 48 hours before arrival and no-one knows about vaccination requirements so far in advance (Spain has recently dropped mandatory vaccination requirements to enter the country).

My bigger concern would be whether the ferry to Tangier will be operating during those months as the Gibraltar Straits are notoriously windy and ferries are frequently cancelled. You may wish to consider the views of many contributors to this site on the merits (or lack thereof) of travelling to Tangier.

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I was just in Gibraltar a few days ago and had no issues crossing back into Spain. It makes for a great day trip and we were able to quickly walk across the border, have our passport stamped, and continue on! From my understanding you only need to fill out the form if you are flying into Spain. I recommend hiking the med steps if you are able to. If you aren’t planning on renting a car I’d also look into the blablacar carpool service! We took 2 carpools to and from seville and had a great experience with both, and it’s very inexpensive.