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Speeding tickets in Spain

We recently rented a car for 2 days to take 5 people from Madrid to San Sebastián. On our return to the US, we were notified that we had 2 100 euro fines for going 110 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone. These were caught on traffic cameras. I plead guilty, but paying them has proved to be very difficult since the violation is written in Basque language and Spanish and requires electronic identification if paying on line. Just wanted to give people a heads up if they are taking the A10 in Spain

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It not just the A10, speed cameras are all over the country. Unlike in the U.S., if the speed limit is 100kph it means just that, not 105kph or 102kph. That’s the same all over Europe. Drive at or below the limit to ensure you don’t get a ticket. Consider it a learning experience.

On the ticket you should have received from the municipality there will be a URL to pay the fine. For example, if the ticket was issued by the DGT. If paid within 30 days the fine is only 50€ rather than 100€. If you haven’t received the actual citation from the municipality, and have only been notified by the rental car company, there’s nothing you can do since you’ll need the infraction number and other information to pay the fine.

Also, if it’s like the ticket I received in 2017 it will probably say exactly where you were caught. I looked up the road and kilometer marker on Google maps, and sure enough, there the camera was.

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Speeding tickets from automated cameras are all over Europe. If you're driving in Europe, stick the the speed limits -- strictly, and all the time -- and assume you'll get a ticket if you don't.